I used to think that I’d be married by the age 25. At age 28, I’m no closer to being married today than I was at age 18.

I used to think happiness was something that just happened. Now, I know differently.

I used to think that gays should be forbidden to marry. I was wrong.

I used to think that I’d always be close to my friends and family. Today, I find that isn’t always true.

I used to think that homeless people were lazy and didn’t deserve help. It’s embarrassing to know I was capable of such a lack of empathy.

I used to believe in God, pray every day, and have faith that all of my troubles would be taken care of if I just believed hard enough. These days, I believe in me and the kindness of the human heart.

I used to think people who did drugs and drank too much were pathetic.  Today, I think they’re just looking for answers and a way to deal with problems that go beyond their current means.

I used to think I’d figure out what I wanted in life “later”. Later is taking longer to arrive at than I would have imagined.

I used to think I could never let myself down. Forgiveness has become something I have increasing trouble showing myself and others.

I used to think that the things I believed then would be beliefs I’d always hold true. I used to be extremely short sighted.

Today, I’m someone I may not be tomorrow.